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Is the one and only calendaring system which allows a patient to make their own appointments – and without the need for office staff assistance. This software program can help any healthcare provider have a more efficient practice by freeing up the front desk staff from the mundane tasks of time consuming patient requests for appointments. It will improve the care of the patients by allowing the patient to schedule a first available time, or future date, and significantly reduce telephone hold time in a busy practice. But, the best part of the Patient Self-Scheduler is simply that It will free your staff time and decrease your overhead expense by greatly reducing patient calls for appointments. The ease and simplicity with which patients can use the Self-Scheduler will increase both patient happiness and office profitability.

Here is how:


Let me introduce to you My wife Dr .Soli



Let me tell you about what I think of the self-scheduler:

The self-scheduler was developed by integrating with any scheduler or EMR and customized based on every practice providers and appointment type. Once the patient or the ER personnel book the patient, it is booked and confirmed with no further staff/human intervention.To give you an idea, imagine you are one of my test patients and you are trying to book an appointment to see me :)
Your name is Anthony Test and your date of birth is 03-03-1964

Now follow this  link and see how easy you can book an appointment with me.

My practice revenue doubled since I used the self-scheduler and My PA’s schedule is full.

Young and old people are using it with ease and I would imagine if a doctor or an ACO organization wants to have their providers to have full schedule they can be using that scheduler.
The staff usually doesn’t want to have a fully booked schedule so they won’t have a massive work load.This can be a big loss to any practice.




Your name is Anthony Test and your date of birth is 03-03-1964

Now follow this  link and see how easy you can book an appointment with me.


The most reliable technology to replace traditional answering service. Call My Doc ™ is a managed service with mobile apps that is able to integrate with all electronic medical records to replace telephone based answering services. Patient medications, allergies, labs and history, all will appear on doctor’s exquisitely designed mobile phone app. Doctors will be able to respond through many modalities. They will be able through their phone to send electronic prescriptions and book patients appointments outside business hours. All the interactions leave an automated record in the patient chart and a billable ticket. Call My Doc ™ can be offered to all primary care physicians, hospitals, and specialists. More Revenue, Safety for Patients, Quality of Healthcare & Quality of physician’s personal life.

Here is how:




Hi it is me again!

Call My Doc is an actual dream for me that came true.

I want to tell you that I was fed up with the answering service when they page me and I call back , stay on hold , then finally give me a  vague message , call the patient – where I have no idea what medications  they are taking , allergies , complete diagnosis … nothing in my hand to remember.

Then the biggest agony was when I call the pharmacy and after pressing at least five times on different phone directories , till I reach the tricky #8 for providers to speak to the pharmacist . After this little torture, now here comes , the hold , then someone comes to the phone to tell you  let me call the pharmacist to speak with you , hold again ,then the pharmacist come to the phone  , ask you to repeat and speak slowly , then a myriad of questions about your name , address , DEA number, license number and as I am about to say what I want , the line cuts off !

As if we as physicians have all the time after we finish seeing patients , to stay on the phone just to fill one prescription or answer a small question for a patient  that can only take few minutes .

Call My Doc basically is:

    • Integrating will all EMRs, so when your patient calls you after hours, you can see their allergies, medications, labs and diagnosis on your smart phone app..
  • You can respond in few seconds by many modalities, templates, live, record a response, type a custom spoken response and many more.
  • You can electronically prescribe. (YES!!!)
  • Your encounter will go to the patient chart as permanent record automatically.
  • It will create a super bill with a billable code automatically.
  • It is cheap…$99 per month! (Remember how much you pay for your answering service at least 3-4 times more!!
  • You will enjoy more time with your family (I love it!)
  • You can even initiate your own session with a patient in case you need to call them!


Available on the Apple iTunes Store :

    Call My Doc ™

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